May 2018

Met-Flow attends and sponsors ISUD 11, held on September 5-7th 2018 in Berlin, Germany

ISUD, the International Symposium on Ultrasonic Doppler Methods for Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering, is the most important scientific symposium on ultrasonic Doppler methods. Since 1996 its purpose is to bring together both specialists and newcomers to share their knowledge about ultrasonic Doppler methods and to present the numerous studies using such methods. Additionally discussions regarding the development of related methodology and implied future prospects will be held. As a good tradition, Met-Flow is sponsoring the Gala Dinner, which will take place on September 6th.

More information on ISUD 11 website.

April 2018

This month the work conducted using Met-Flow's technology, has featured in the coverage by Silicon Republic, the technology and science online news portal. The international team had been investigating the flow patterns of whirlpools and revealed previously unknown features that are not predicted by established models. The studies were conducted by the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), who are the dedicated users of our instruments.

March 2018

Last month, Met-Flow team took pleasure of having company outing to go and see the documentary titled "Dans le lit du Rhône" by the local movie producer, Mélanie Pitteloud.

Giovanni de Cesare of the Hydraulic Construction Laboratory at EPFL, a keen believer in our technology, has contributed to the production of the latter.

"Dans le lit du Rhône" narrates the story and importance of river Rhône's course corrections in Valais, Switzerland, with focus on related technical challenges and social & environmental impacts.Currently the 3rd correction of Rhône is underway, a large scale project which will last 20 years.Our technology is being used in related scientific studies of this yard of the century.

February 2018

Last month we got really excited for Met-Flow being mentioned in an important article published in Nature, one of the oldest and most famous scientific magazine worldwide. The article is titled "Understanding turbulent free-surface vortex flows using a Taylor-Couette flow analogy.

Indeed our UVP-DUO instrument has been used to study the 2D velocity field od a turbulent free vortex complex flow, revealing a new understanding of this specific flow.

The authors Sean Mulligan, Giovanni De Cesare, John Casserly and Richard Sherlock acknowledge Met-Flow for having provided their UVP monitor and ultrasonic transducers for their research.

January 2018

Dear Met-Flow Partners and Friends,

Met-Flow wishes you a prosperous 2018!

This year we aim to improve our visibility, primarily by upgrading our website and marketing materials with a clearer description of our technology applicability and potentials. Your possible comments or suggestions would be welcome by e-mail.
Some important upgrades of our products and associated technology are also in the pipeline, so watch this space.

Finally we hope to commit publishing regular news releases on our website to keep you in the loop.

Best wishes

Olivier Mariette and Anastassia Gogunova

2017 Met-Flow welcomes a new team member

In January 2017 Met-Flow welcomed Anastassia Gogunova, as the new administrative assistant. Anastassia has a sound experience in various industries, she has gained during 11 years of work in London's corporate environment.

Anastassia's main objective is to take charge of Met-Flow's day to day administrative tasks, to the director time to focus more on the company's development.


2016 Met-Flow attended and sponsored ISUD 10 held in September 28-30th 2016 in Tokyo, Japan

In September 2016 took place the 10th International Symposium on Ultrasonic Doppler Methods for Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineerin.

The conference's main topics included discussion on fundamental, applied and environmental flows, flow metering and mapping, signal processing and methodology, acoustic characterisation, ultrasound spectroscopy and microscopy. Met-Flow played the role of the key sponsor for the conference, having fully funded the Gala Dinner.


2015 Met-Flow celebrated its 25 years anniversary!

On October 15th 2015 Met-Flow marked its 25 years of successful development. Many key partners and ardent believers in our technology came to our headquarters in Lausanne from around the world. We were honoured to have amongst us the Father behind Met-Flow's technology, Professor Yasushi Takeda and the family of Met-Flow's founder Mr Gérard J. Gogniat. The party included a pleasant boat trip and dinner on Lake Geneva.